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Anyone who owns Assassins Creed 3 and has yet to try multiplayer because no one ever is online.... It is hgh time we build an online community and rack up some kills and Animus credits. Post your Wii U Nintendo Network ID here and let's build the community up!

Nintendo Network ID: Zach777

Wii Friend Code: 5530-6075-2319-8028
3DS Friend Code: 0173-1350-1794
WiiU NNID: Zach777
AC:NL Dream Address: 4500-2207-2260


Judging by this thread in the NL online gaming forum you might want to try another site... Sorry I mean good luck on yer journey governor I hope ye find great fulfillment in thy quest for thar lost AC3 multiplayer community. Have ye tried the great expansive Miiverse yet



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