Topic: Anyone else not like Monster Hunter? Sold mine today

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I never played any games in this series, heard so much good stuff about it though. So, I ran to the store to get it day 1 for Wii U. I got MH and City Undercover that day Buy 2 get 1 free at target.(got two city undercover and sold one)

I played it and was very underwhelmed right off the bat. The controls feel clunky, the combat not fluid at all. The graphics were not that good IMO and the online part of the game felt weak to me.

It just felt like the game Vindictus(free to play pc game mmo/monster hunting type game), but with worse controls to me and worse graphics by far. I had played Vindictus 4 years ago at least, so I was expecting this game to blow that one away. I don't even consider Vindictus to be great, so this feeling like an inferior game was a huge disappointment.

I tried to play it 4-5 more times, but just can't get into this game.

I sold mine today on Amazon for $49.75 so got back more money than I paid for it.

Anyone else just not like it? I tried to like it, but it wasn't for me.

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It really isn't for everyone, and to really enjoy it can take many many hours before you fall in love. It isn't exactly beginner friendly

That said, it is one of my favourite games and I sank 300+ hours into it on the Wii, and am slowly approaching that on the WiiU.



It's not my cup of tea either. It seems to be a love it or hate it type game. Personally I haven't encountered many people who are on the fence about this game.
But those who are into it, seem to give it very high praise.

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Nope, not me. My friend forcefully got me into this one and I'm glad he did! It was hard at first but slowly you get the hand of it, and the online was a heck of fun with my friend! We did some of those super-easy hunts and it was so much fun! We grilled our raw meat together, we kept chasing each other and trying to hit each other with our swords, we kicked each other... It was a heck of a fun, really! And when we went for the big monsters, it was truly awesome how we would scream and cry for help XD Truly a blast!


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Monster Hunter isnt for everyone, it certainly isnt "casual"



I bought it a few weeks ago and I finally found some time to sit down and see what they hype is about last weekend.
Its a good game but the learning curve for its steeper than most titles and you can tell its not for everyone.

I'm going to try to put in at least 30 hours into the game before I make my final judgment on if its something I want to invest a lot of time in.

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A big investment of time and patience is needed for Monster Hunter I believe. The more you play it, the more you learn. I'm a MH noob but trust me, you'll come around to it eventually especially if you play with some friends.

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It's fun, IMO. The graphics are OK. The game mainly looks and sounds as good as it does, soley because of 1080p and surround sound. It's pretty fun, but I agree with online being kinda poor. I played online for a while, and the monsters died within 5 minutes pretty much every time. I'd say the core of the game is in the single player, which I sunk 90 hours alone into.
I got my moneys worth, so no complaints here.

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One of the best games I have ever played, and spent an insane amount of time on!! For me, the more I got into the single player, the more I got hooked to be honest. So yeah, give it more time and you might be reeled in. It was my first MH title for me ever, and I would definitely pick up number 4 - if it ever comes out in the west.

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Hunting monsters is a sport... and if you don't like a sport, you won't appreciate it. It's ok! Being italian, I'm not into baseball or american football, but this doesn't mean that they are bad activities.

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I think MH is a very good game with intelligent gameplay elements, but i start to panic in those games....i run off like a not for me.

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I played way to many great games, with fluent excellent controls before I tried MH3, it's just not for me.
It would be a much better games if you maybe had friends too in the same room to play with. But no one I know owns a 3ds.



I wanted to get into Monster Hunter, but everybody says you've really got to be dedicated. I've got work and school during the week, and some pretty heavy homework usually on the weekends, so I get to play an average of 6 hours a week between 3DS and Wii U (sometimes I'll get longer to play, other times shorter). I frankly don't have the time required to learn how to play and eventually get engrossed in Monster Hunter, so this has to be a pass for me. Dedication is not my strong suit.



Monster Hunter is the definition of Marmite gaming,you either love it,or you hate it.
I must admit when I first tired Tri on Wii,I wasn't overly keen,but once I started to fight the big monsters I really got into it,even if the game was incredibly hard.

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I was actually thinking of picking this game up. I'm still pretty undecided between this and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon for 3DS.




Well I don't think a Demo really works for this type of game. It's a huge time-sink, but an enjoyable & thrilling experience. The best part about it is that it gets better the more longer you play.

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I have to admit I am enjoying the game alot even with my busy schedule. Dont let the dedication factor, I guess you can call it keep you from playing this game. Now if you want to get into the online mode then yeah you have to be pretty dedicated player as some of those players are very dedicated and can be hardcore Monster Hunters. But honestly I find the game quite enjoyable in the single player mode and find that you dont have to be quite as dedicated to enjoy it and I can tell you I haven't sunk in nearly as mainly hours into it as some.

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I played the demo and I don't understand what makes it such a good game. I did not buy the game and felt as if Monster Hunter requires too much time to understand what is happening and how things work for a demo. I do not have that much free time with everything going on in my life so I did not pick up Monster Hunter and I don't plan to.

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