Topic: Anyone else not like Monster Hunter? Sold mine today

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I can certainly understand why some people aren't fans of MH - I started with Tri but didn't sink a massive amount of time into it (around 40 hours) and found it very hard to get into. The controls were definitely the biggest obstacle for me (and how slowly your hunter does things like drinking potions). But after a bit of time I realised that this was actually part of the appeal; the battles are more challenging and you really have to play quite strategically as a result.

I've been playing MH3U lately and being instantly familiar with it has made the early part of the game much more enjoyable. If you're new to it , I definitely urge hanging in there because you may end up loving it!

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Monster Hunter Tri is one of those games I really respect in nearly every aspect, its clearly a very well made game. But the tutorial SUUUUUCKS. I think it exists solely to make learning about the game as boring as possible and to scare off newbies.

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I don't want to pour out any cups of Hater-ade, but I will offer that back in the day I sold my copy of Monster Hunter Tri.
Eh... I blame myself for not enjoying it more; with some like minded hunters I could see it being a good time.

The price you were offered for the game is excellent, so I'd say you came out well in the end!

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It took me 50 hours to enjoy Monster Hunter Tri. I wouldn't have gotten into it if it wasn't for my friends. Slaying your first Uragaan gives you such a feeling of acomplishment, more then any other game I experienced. Alongside Pikmin, Rayman and the 101 it's the reason I got a Wii U. It's a shame you already sold it. Playing with friends is great, and now you can chat with them it makes the game much more tactical

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I played MHTri not knowing much about it, and I had a fun time. I actually very much adore the feel and aesthetics of the game, but alas I'm not good at it. D: Once it gets into fighting the larger monsters, I have an extremely hard time with it. I still love the game somehow, but my lack of experience can make it hard to keep. When I played the 3DS demo, it was hard to get into. I've played it a few times and still haven't even completed the beginner mission, despite trying different weapon types. Usually I just end up running out of time, and it's never clear to me what I'm doing wrong. (though for the record, I thought the 3DS controls were god-awful)

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MANIAC911 wrote:

I bought it a few weeks ago and I finally found some time to sit down and see what they hype is about last weekend.
Its a good game but the learning curve for its steeper than most titles and you can tell its not for everyone.

I'm going to try to put in at least 30 hours into the game before I make my final judgment on if its something I want to invest a lot of time in.

Yeah, it too me a solid 20-30 hours before I even found myself enjoying the game.

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The learning curve is about the same as planetside 2 even though they are totally different games. I suggest you invest more time in it to learn the ups and downs. Also, the combat isn't supposed to be smooth, it is trying to be nonlinear.



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