Topic: R-Type III no longer available on the North American Virtual console.

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It was actually removed from NA on the same day Sim City was removed, but only Sim City's removal was mentioned in the Nintendo Life news. R-Type III originally stayed on the NA Wii VC after the removal of Irem's other VC games despite it being removed in Europe and Japan.


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Doesnt surprise me all the other R-type games were removed awhile ago.

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I'm surprised it managed to stay on there after all the other R-Types were removed. I'm just glad I downloaded all of the R-Types(excluding the master system game) before they bit the dust.

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I thought R-Type III was removed a long time ago even in NA?

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Someone should check to see if Spelunker is still available, since it was developed by Irem. The Master System R-Type is the only one I didn't download. I know it's inferior to the TG16 version, but I would have downloaded it for the bonus level.



Before the other R-Types dissapear i downloaded all R-Types (except master system, the TG16 version is better).

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