Topic: R-Type III no longer available on the North American Virtual console.

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It was actually removed from NA on the same day Sim City was removed, but only Sim City's removal was mentioned in the Nintendo Life news. R-Type III originally stayed on the NA Wii VC after the removal of Irem's other VC games despite it being removed in Europe and Japan.


Doesnt surprise me all the other R-type games were removed awhile ago.

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I'm surprised it managed to stay on there after all the other R-Types were removed. I'm just glad I downloaded all of the R-Types(excluding the master system game) before they bit the dust.

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I thought R-Type III was removed a long time ago even in NA?

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Someone should check to see if Spelunker is still available, since it was developed by Irem. The Master System R-Type is the only one I didn't download. I know it's inferior to the TG16 version, but I would have downloaded it for the bonus level.



Before the other R-Types dissapear i downloaded all R-Types (except master system, the TG16 version is better).

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