Topic: Is Mario Kart worth buying?

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Especially when i told him how many games I Have he was like Are You A Pirate? xD!

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My vote goes to the SNES version.



It's still great fun. I've got both on Wii. Just don't be surprised if you cannot save ghost data on the Wii version. It's too bad but it just is that way unfortunately. Apparently Nintendo was too lazy to make it so that it writes to the save file.

I'd say, buy it.

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I wouldn't recommend you the N64 unless you have friends who want to play with you in the multiplayer. The other versions of MK (DS,GCN and WII) are, in my opinion, better than the N64's version (probably because it was the second). But if I were you, I would give MK SNES a chance, beacause it was the first game in the saga and it's quite different from the others.

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