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I know it will never happen sadly but I wish this game was released on Virtual Console back then since I never had the opportunity to play it in the N64 era although I've played and finished all Donkey Kong Country games (trilogy) on the SNES back in the day.

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I wish all the Rare games where released to the virtual console, like Banjo Kazooie, and Tooie , Goldeneye 64 and conkers.They where all brilliant games, but Microsoft ruined it all.

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I hope someday Nintendo bring us back the DKC trilogy on Wii (and maybe Wii U) and then it could be sure DK 64 in both systems.

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Actually its still possible!
Rare has stated that they don't control whether DK64 can be released on Virtual console or not. There actually nothing keeping Nintendo from releasing it on Virtual console

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The only thign I can think of is that Nintendo is too lazy to go back through and remove the Rare logo or something like on the one coin (then again though, would that actually matter? I mean, they did make the game after all, and the logo is still in the Country games....when they were available.)

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I'm glad it eventually came to Wii U. I had fun playing Jetpac again.

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