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simple question, why do people refer to the nintendo gamecube as GCN and not NGC?

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GCN means "Gamecube Nintendo". Nintendo probably called it GCN because NGC was taken by other companies, such as the National Geographic Channel and the Neo Geo Color.

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It is NGC in Japan though

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hmm weird i thought someone would know for sure...

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It might have been because of a trademark dispute here in the states or trying to avoid one. NGC might be trademarked by someone else. Take for example WWF. In case you didnt remember back in the early 80's to early 2000's there were two WWFs. There was the World Wildlife Fund, and than there was World Wrestling Federation.

For years they both used the initials WWF till the internet came about and than World Wildlife Fund said that World Wrestling Federation abused the terms of the agreement for using the initials on the site and that cause World Wildlife Fund to lose money. As a result World Wrestling Federation had to change its name to World Wrestling Entertainment.

I suspect since that was around the time of the GC release Nintendo wanted to avoid a similar situation here in the states.

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Most probably something to do with a trademark dispute, since apparently they first tried abbrieviating it to NGC like you mentioned:

As for what trademark... well, I've seen people bring up the Neo Geo Colour and the National Geographic Channel, so maybe one of those.

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because cool, it is.
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