Topic: Top 10 GameCube Games?

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In no particular order:

Luigi's Mansion
Super Monkey Ball
Wave Race: Blue Storm
Sonic Mega Collection
Ocarina of Time: Master Quest
Crazy Taxi
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Rogue Squadron 2
Paper Mario 2



Hmm... not sure about the order outside of the top 3. It would be different tomorrow, I reckon.

1. Resident Evil Four
2. Metroid Prime
3. Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat
4. Super Monkey Ball 1
5/6. Wind Waker/Twilight Princess
7. Smash Brothers Melee
8. Paper Mario 2
9. Metroid Prime 2
10. Super Mario Sunshine

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I love all the 3-D zeldas! Admittedly I was born into the 64 era, so I never got a chance to play all the 2-D zeldas.
I'm not a fan of 2-D games that much, but that's probably cuz I wasn't exposed to them.

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1. Metroid Prime 1
2. Super Mario Sunshine
3. Mario Kart Double Dash
4. Sonic Mega Collection
5. Metroid Prime 2
6. Paper Mario 2
7. Smash Bros.
8. Luigi's Mansion
9. Pikmin
10. Animal Crossing

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I rule when it comes to games. So deal with it.


1. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
2. Super Smash Bros. Melee
3. Luigi's Mansion (i no, i no, I just love this game!)
4. Super Mario Sunshine
5. Zelda: Windwaker
6. Mario Power Tennis
7. Animal Crossing
8. Metroid Prime
9. Metroid Prime 2
10. Mario Kart: Double Dash

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Resident Evil 4
Zelda: Twillight Princess
Mario Kart DD
Pokemon Colosseum
pokemon XD
Animal Crossing
Zelda: Wind Waker
Disney extreme skate adventure
The Simpsons Hit & Run
Super Smash Bros Melee



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