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Super Mario Sunshine because Luigi's as much fun to play as, as painting an elephant pink and riding it into a wall yelling "Flarbeger!".

Super Mario Sunshine: 7
Luigi's Mansion: 11

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How can you guys even compare LM to Sunshine?! Sunshine is a masterpiece! It had an awesome tropical theme, the best hubworld of any Mario game, and FLUDD actually changed things up for the better!

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Luigi's Mansion: my memories are fonder and it doesn't make me motion sick.
Plus it's the year of Luigi! hur hur

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Super Mario Sunshine: 8
Luigi's Mansion: 12

Now things are getting somewhat interesting o:

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As much fun as Luigi's Mansion is, it just can't top a traditional Mario platformer for me. I'm one of the people who loved Sunshine to death anyways so sorry Luigi, but Sunc=shine gets my vote.

Super Mario Sunshine: 9

Luigi's Mansion: 12

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luigi mansion cause it was unique and luigi is 100% better then mario :3



I like the feeling of freedom that Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine give me, so...

Super Mario Sunshine: 10

Luigi's Mansion: 13

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I go with luigi's mansion. Sunshine was good but was just lacking something. Luigis mansion was creative and fun.

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Super Mario Sunshine: 11
Luigi's Mansion: 14

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Super Mario Sunshine. It has way more replay value and the overall presentation is far superior.

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Super Mario Sunshine: 12
Luigi's Mansion: 14

I love how there's been two Luigi-themed users, who voted for Sunshine :b

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I dont know which one to choose! D:

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Sunshine, LM was far too short.

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Super Mario Sunshine: 13
Luigi's Mansion: 14

@GamecubeMan, you could be the deciding factor

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I enjoyed the FLUDD mechanic in Sunshine, but the game overall had some niggling issues.

My vote goes to Luigi's Mansion, which I didn't actually play until 2009. I was ill at the time and in between sleeping and throwing up, Luigi's Mansion pretty much got me through the day. Good level design, inventive gameplay and great presentation. Maaaaarioooooooo?



look at this! looks like we've pitted two black sheeps of the same flock in the same ring! funny thing, these are my favorite 3D Mario games!
i hate mario 64 for a lot of reasons, one of which being the level assortment. i hate how a series of levels take place in the same area. i hate how Ninty brought it back in almost every other 3D mario game, not leaving out Mario Sunshine, though i do think they did it better than on M64. i like how LM took place in a big mansion. no paintings to jump in, no areas to play several levels in, that was the life. Those paintings ruined the gameplay experience for me, so i'm glad LM left them out. without Gameplay, i don't think there's much to mario, i mean no one plays mario for the story .
me personally, i love both games, for better for worse, but i think i like LM a little more.


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Luigi's Mansion.

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Luigi's Mansion is much better! I never really liked Sunshine as much as all the other 3D Mario games... It's the worst 3D Mario IMO!

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Super Mario Sunshine: 13
Luigi's Mansion: 17

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