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Super Mario Sunshine: 1
Luigi's Mansion: 1

Sunshine felt very different, but was really fun.

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Luigi's Mansion: 2
These two are polar opposites in my opinion, in terms of my enjoyment. Luigi's Mansion was one of my first nintendo adventures, and it's the primary reason I still dig out my gamecube often. And listening to Luigi go on about evrey piece of furniture never gets old. Sunshine had a terrible camera, messy jumping and... Well actually, that's the entire game in a nutshell.

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Luigi's Mansion. Sunshine is praise worthy but the FLUDD stuff often just didn't work as well as it should have.

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These two games are completely different on so many levels and I enjoy both, but I vote for Luigi's Mansion. It's still a game I would enjoy playing today as much as I would years ago. It's packed with charm, the atmosphere is light-hearted, but still rather creepy, and it's unique.


Super Mario Sunshine: 1
Luigi's Mansion: 6

Seeing as I've never played either, me voting would be quite stupid wouldn't it? :3

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Super Mario Sunshine: 1
Luigi's Mansion: 7

I choose Luigi. Because I really like Luigi. And also because E.Gadd's theme. Sunshine was my first 3D Mario game but some of it's levels were especially frustrating (case in point - Watermelon Festival stage, Corona Mountain's mud boat and the red coin stages. Also, the giant pinball machine in the sky). However, I liked Sunshine because of how different it was.

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Luigi's Mansion, terrible match up man.

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Super Mario Sunshine: 1
Luigi's Mansion: 8

@Suicune, since you must be brimming with ideas, please suggest me a few, I'd love to hear them.

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Luigi's Mansion, even though I've never played it.



Do people really not like Sunshine that much?
Sunshine gave 10s of hours, with great gameplay and a beautiful open world. Luigi's Mansion only gave a few hours, and somewhat repetitive gameplay, and not much reason to come back.
Sunshine: 2
Luigi's Mansion: 9

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Whirlpool wrote:

Do people really not like Sunshine that much?
Sunshine gave 10s of hours, with great gameplay and a beautiful open world. Luigi's Mansion only gave a few hours, and somewhat repetitive gameplay, and not much reason to come back.
Sunshine: 2
Luigi's Mansion: 9

Yep. Sunshine has my vote.



I know I'm voting for a lost cause here but both are really good to great games but if I had to choose and was on a deserted island then my vote goes to Sunshine. While I love Luigi's Mansion and I know content shouldn't matter I just think Sunshine had a lot going for it as well. Most didn't like the FLUDD system but I loved the challenge it had. I think the game looked absolutely great and even though it was all island and water themed it was varied enough to make each board different! It had a lot to live up to when compared to Mario 64 but it excelled in so many more ways. Like I said I love every minute of Luigi's Mansion and can't wait for the sequel coming in a few short weeks but Sunshine was also very good!

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Luigi's Mansion was as much fun as Mario is Missing. I'm forced to vote for Mario Sunshine. my pants.


Luigi's Mansion. I am a very tactical minded gamer, and the idea of methodically clearing the mansion one room at a time really appealed to me. In addition, each room and ghost had their own quirks about them, and really added to the overall character of the game. It also starred Luigi, who is my favorite character (my avatar says as much), and had great music. Also, seeing Mario for the first time in that game was shocking. Luigi's Mansion is overall the better game, but I really enjoy Sunshine as well, and I don't think it deserves as much hate/dislike as it gets compared to the other 3D Mario games.

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