Topic: So I borrowed a SNES from my friend.

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Along with Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Killer Instinct, Super Return of the Jedi (oh yes!) and Earth Worm Jim 2 he had no regular controllers but had a Super Advantage arcade stick he lent to play the games (super sweet! - lol) good eh? - say I can lend it for a couple of weeks.


Don't borrow an SNES. Buy one. It's the greatest investment you'll ever make. Short of a Slap Chop.

Plain old gamer :)


Update y'all - ordered a snes - with F1, Fifa Soccer, Striker and The super Scope Cartridge (no scope though - no biggie). Plus ive order Super Star Wars, Super Tennis and Internatonal Super Star Soccer and allready have the Street fighter 2 turbo cartridge .

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