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Lately I have been playing through Yoshi's Woolly World and was struck by just how much a love of handicraft (and Japanese Theatre) play into Nintendo games. Papercraft, Yarn, Stickers, and Clay all have been used to bring characters and games to life.

So out of all the unique styles, what is your favorite game from them and why? And what franchise would you love to see given this treatment and in which style?


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Yoshi's Woolly World is probably my favourite because of how every aspect of the game is woven (pun intended) into the yarn style. I also love Paper Mario but it doesn't do quite as much with the papercraft aesthetic as Woolly World does with yarn.

The Zelda minigame in Nintendo Land has a nice handcrafted style too. It would be cool to see a larger Zelda spin-off in that style.

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Paper Mario Thousand Year Door is my favorite. It's more subtle, but things like the entirety of chapter 2 really impressed me.

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Thanks for the responses. I forgot to mention my own. I love the claymation world of Kirby and The Rainbow Curse, and I would love to see the cover of Nintendo Power #1 come true. A Super Mario 3D World game rendered in claymation.


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