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I know its probably been a thread in the past but I can't find one, and I want to know!
Was Mega Man 2 better than 3? (I always like new facebook friends so come over and add me!) (UPDATED BACKLOGGERY, come visit!)
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oh no doubt!!! megaman 2 was great and a lot more interesting than 3. and also 3 was waaaay too hard

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Two great games on their own should never go against each other for any reason. But since you're forcing me to pick, here I go!

Though I'm more than likely part of the silent minority, I'd say Mega Man 3. It introduced Proto Man, Rush, and the slide!(Something I missed terribly in MM9) When you got done with the 8 Robot Master stages, you revisited 4 of them, more challenging than ever, along with cameos of the Mega Man 2 Robot Masters! You could stockpile more than 4 energy tanks too. Not to mention the epic return and rematch vs. the Yellow Devil!

I'll freely admit though, the Robot Masters, weapon selection, and overall soundtrack of Mega Man 2 overshadows everything else in the series, but for good reason.

Long story short, everybody should own both of these games, no questions asked. I hate comparing 2 and 3 to the rest of the series (5 is my sentimenal fave), but I guess when 2 and 3 are at the top of everyone's lists I can't complain for people liking a Mega Man game. :3

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I can pretty easily recommend 2 over 3, though 3 is indeed very good, and tough to find fault with.

EDIT: Nevermind, I found fault: the Top Spin sucks.

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Ricardo91 wrote:

I've only played 2, but it's incredible! Definitely the best of the two! Though you can't go wrong with either of them.

o_O? What? You haven't played 3 at all?

Play Mega Man 3 first and THEN compare the two.

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It's funny, but I like Mega Man 2 better. You'd think I'd like 3, since Proto Man's my fave Classic character, but I just love 2 so much. The music, the Robot Masters, and the weapons are much cooler.

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I like 3 better, 2 is great, but my actual favorite is Mega Man 1. I love the Elec-Beam!

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I'm more of a fan of 3.


I liked Megaman 2 better than 3. Hence it was just good that MegaMari paid homage to that instead of 3... even if it did have its own version of the yellow devil.

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Ive heard a LOT like 3 better but 2 just has a special place in my gaming heart that was so refueled by 9.

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