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In my opinion, there hasn't been a great Sonic game since Sonic & Knuckles. And I think the five Sonic releases on the Genesis/Mega Drive were some of the best to come out of the 16-bit era. They're still just as great today as ever. And I think all the 3D titles, including Sonic Adventure, were horrible. That's just me.

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WhoKnew wrote:

It seems when Sega tries something new with this franchise it fails.

looks at Phantasy Star Online

MetalMario Everything they do is just so...awful. They are the Julia-Louis Dreyfus of video gaming.

They used to be good. But they ruin their franchises.

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There's something about the old games that just don't do it for me. They're not bad, I just don't like them that much. Rather boring. I like mainly some of the post-genesis games but I hate most of the proper 3D ones (Sonic Adventure and Unleashed in daytime being exceptions). I do quite like the Rush games, the Advance series, and I honestly liked Sonic Chronicles a lot.


weirdadam wrote:

What does IGN have to do with any of this, and what is X-treme?

It was a cancelled Sonic game for the Saturn.

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Corbie wrote:

In my opinion, there hasn't been a great Sonic game since Sonic & Knuckles. And I think the five Sonic releases on the Genesis/Mega Drive were some of the best to come out of the 16-bit era. They're still just as great today as ever. And I think all the 3D titles, including Sonic Adventure, were horrible. That's just me.

Ya I'd have to disagree with you there Corbie. Sonic adventure was ok and me and everyone I ever talked to had nothing but good to say about Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, besides the sometimes awkward camera... I also thought Sonic Advance 2 was decent(never played the first or third), and I heard plenty of goodness from Sonic Rush and Dark Brotherhood.



I have many friends who love Sonic Adventure and the Sonic Rush games, so I'm probably in the minority on that one. To each his own. As long as I have my 16-bit Sonic titles around to play on my X'Eye, I'm happy.

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The redundancy of Sonic games is probably why I sold SMC. I only need one or two sidescrollers, and even they get boring after awhile. At least the bonus rounds and chaos emeralds make it interesting.

The 3D ones have more detail, and are therefore more interesting. Sonic Adventure DX has a nice RPG feel to it, but retains the classic action stages. It even has Spinball!

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Sonic may have gone into autopilot a lot, but I could always overlook that because the series was about SPEED. When Sonic went up to crazy speeds, that was always the highlight of the game: there was never such an exhilarating platformer of the time.
So what do I think of Sonic? I'll break it into individual games (well all of the main series games anyway, not including the 8-bit Sonics or Sonic CD, since I've never played those)
*Sonic 1: I thought that it played very well, was very exhilarating, and the music was just so AWESOME.
*Sonic 2: IMO, Sonic's finest hour. Took everything that made the first one great and expanded on it. The special stages were awesome, and the stages were more vivid and bright than those in the original.
*Sonic 3/Sonic and Knuckles: While the stages looked slightly bland-looking compared to the Sonic 2, the special stages are more addicting than those in Sonic 2. Plus, you could play as Knuckles, my favorite Sonic character.
*Sonic Adventure: A mixed bag, IMO. The Sonic stages were faster and more exhilarating than even the stages in the 2D Sonics! Plus I liked the Tails levels, racing Sonic to a Chaos Emerald was a lot of fun. I liked the Knuckles and E-102 Gamma stages more than a lot of people did **is shot repeatedly**, mainly because I wasn't expecting a lot. I saw them as a nice break from the Sonic and Tails stages. The Amy stages sucked, even for traditional platforming, mainly because she moved SO. DAMN. SLOW. The Big stages were the lowest point in the game: even for a regular fishing game, they were incredibly frustrating. The graphics blew my mind: for 1999, they were absolutely amazing. The soundtrack and audio was a mixed bag: some of the music-like the main theme, Sonic's theme, Gamma's theme, and Big's theme- was great. Some of the music, like Tails' theme, could've really done better without the lyrics. And some of the music-like Knuckles' theme and Amy's theme-made me wish I had earplugs with me. And the final boss, Perfect Chaos? I haven't had more fun fighting the last boss in a Sonic game. As a plus, the Chao minigames were a fun break from the core gameplay. Oh, and the voice acting was total sh*t: thank God for the ability to switch to Japanese voice acting. Too bad that option was removed in the later Sonics...
*Sonic Adventure 2: The introduction of my third-favorite Sonic character, Shadow. **is shot repeatedly again** The Sonic and Shadow stages had the amazing speed and beauty that its prequels contained. The rest of the stages are nice breaks from the Sonic/Shadow gameplay, IMO, but they could've been better... The music and graphics were just plain awesome.
*Sonic Heroes: Let it be known that I was horribly disappointed when I picked this up: the core gameplay felt horribly awkward, the voice acting SUCKED ASS, the game got kinda glitchy at points, and there were too many characters. As another minus, I felt like a total dork playing as Team Rose, even when no one else was there to watch me. But it does have its share of saving graces. The stages were closer to their 2D roots than the other 3D Sonics were, and the music was as awesome as ever. But the highlights of the game were the final boss and the special stages.

I'll give my opinion about the other Sonics: from Shadow the Hedgehog to Sonic Unleashed: in another post, since you've spent enough time reading this.

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You haven't played Sonic CD. WOW!

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Metang wrote:

Because I've never owned a Sega CD.

You do realize that you can play Sonic CD on the Sonic Gems Collection?

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WHo is this sonic? Is he a friend of Knuckles?

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Sonic Rush is fantastic. Sonic Rush adventure was good (still confused by the pirate theme though). Sonic Advance is great also.

Should I go on?



You should pick Sonic CD up in some's definitely up there with Sonic 2, 3, and Knuckles.

For the record I love the 2-d Sonic games. I had all the ones for Game Gear and Genesis. You go fast and that's fun, the levels are bright and colorful and fun to speed by, and the bonus levels are always a neat change up/break.

I started with Sonic 2 and that game just felt so FAST compared to everything else out there at the time. Playing every other game after it, just felt like your character chugged along for me. There were some inherent challenges to that as well. Feel like you're on autopilot, well, you just fell into some spikes. I also think you downloaded the worst one to start out with, micawber. This was the first sonic game, so the bosses are more primitive compared to the future ones. Check out Sonic 2, it's much better and probably the pinnacle of the series. I wouldn't recommend Sonic 3, because it really wasn't meant to be played without Sonic and Knuckles.

I also liked Adventure and Adventure 2. I wish they had let Tails fly around, instead of being a Robotnik clone. And perhaps come up with a different play mechanic for Rouge, so she had different abilities and had to search for emeralds differently, instead of just being a knuckles clone. They really could have been more creative with the side characters. I think this game was probably rushed in development.

I hated the voice acting in SA and SA2 when I got them, but now I like them. Why? It's campy like the old Adam West Batman, so now I get a kick out of it. I see it as a campy, early 90's throwback, and have a couple laughs. Amy's voice will always be annoying though.

I got the Sonic Rush's for my DS, but haven't played them yet. I'm looking forward to some new 2-d fun, and I'm interested to see how they compare to the old Genesis.

I'd like to see a 3-d sonic with just sonic levels, that require some slowing down and serious exploring for entrances to special stages. Special stages could use some of the other character's mechanics, be interesting 2-d style levels, lots of room for creativity. Maybe one day, I'll get my wish...

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I agree with that post, Token Girl. Except for the voice acting bit. IMO, it will always suck. Also, your signature made me lol.

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mrmicawber wrote:

Was SOnic ever good? I mean, really, really good?

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is better than all 3 Super Mario Bros games combined. Yes, it was really, really good. But not he is sigh dead :,(

The Game.

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MetalMario wrote: Everything they do is just so...awful. They are the Julia-Louis Dreyfus of video gaming.

They used to be good. But they ruin their franchises.

looks at Phantasy Star Online and House of the Dead: Overkill And Madworld and 482


I think the biggest problem with the classic Sonic games was the water segments. I mean, come on. The control turns from tight to sluggish, you move slower than a turtle, and you can only breath for a few seconds - it does the complete opposite of what Sonic's famous for. It's obvious ST thought they had to add water levels to be "cool" like Mario, but they could've at least made them fun instead of tedious and annoying.

Sonic Team was making bad choices ever since the beginning. But you know, Sonic is such a cool character, I don't want to see him die. I want to see him in a game that's done right. I think Sonic Unleashed's day levels were very, very close to being a well-implemented 3D Sonic game. They just didn't have enough gameplay elements, and the level design was only so-so. They need to cut the cheesy voice acting, cut the gimmicks, cut the crappy stories, and just make a pure, pseudo racer-platformer with the Unleashed engine.

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