Topic: GBA SP vs GBA SP2 , light difference worth it?

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So I am going to buy one just to go back and play gbc and gba games. The question is, is it really worth paying significantly more for the backlit screen. I know the ags 101 screen is awesome makes it look like a different console but is the front lit screen bad at all? I mean couldn't you get just as much joy playing the front lit screen and also play in the dark without problems? Or does the improved graphics make all the difference.

What do you think? Thanks



I recall getting a SP2 because even on my SP1 and original DS it was still kind of hard to see low-contrast scenes (at least when playing in bright surroundings like daylight). I somewhat remember Tales of Phantasia being one of the games that bugged me. (dungeons)
I guess you could say glare was still a bit of an issue (I recall even setting up the DS to play games on the lower screen while positioning the upper screen to function as a glare-guard).

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I think the SP2 is worth it. A lot better quality. - Dayman
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Brighter edition is a lot better than the normal GB SP.

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Yep, I agree. The scree on the AGS 101 is fantastic. Really the best way to play GB, GBC and GBA games on the go.



I have no recollection of 2 different SPs, but go for the brighter one.

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My old SP1 is so dim these days the light is useless. If the 101 light has held up better, it's worth it. (I play GBA games on my DS Lite.)
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The brighter one is alot better. If you want to play at home on the big screen, the GB Player on GCN is there.


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What about modding that screen into an original GBA.

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