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so f*#$ing cute

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Wario and Waluigi

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No one beats Luigi. Except for Yu Narukami, but he's not Nintendo sooo...

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Dr. Stewart. He has awesome theme music in F-Zero GX, so that's why he's my favorite..

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Prof_Clayton wrote:

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Unfortunately since the Conklave aren't Nintendo characters I'm unable to choose them along with all other Dragon Quest characters.
I guess my choice would have to be Yoshi. He's awesome, and since he doesn't have many games of his own, a majority of them are excellent (Well, Yoshi's Island and Touch 'n Go were both amazing, but that's still 2/5). >:3
All hopes on Yarn Yoshi.

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samus from metroid! i also like toon link, kirby, luigi, yoshi, toad, shiek, ness from mother, roy from fire emblem, so many favourites!



Also, Kalimba from DKCR for whatever reason.

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My personal favorites are Donkey Kong, Luigi, and of course MIYAMOTO!!



Mine is definitely Samus Aran, she's been an inspiration to me for a long time. I admire her courage, determination and power, and just seeing her dealing with harsh situations on her own is quite impressive as well. In most Metroid games there's nobody around to help her, she's completely isolated, yet that doesn't stop her. I guess you could say that for a lot of other characters but Samus has left the strongest impression on me.
Also, I really like Parakarry from Paper Mario and Luigi !

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Virion. He is so magnificent.


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Hard to choose one. So here's a few:

The under appreciated younger brother of the famous Mario has developed quite the personality and has made a far more interesting person than Mario!

King Dedede
While he may be greedy and bossy, he truly does care about the people of Dreamland and Kirby. Knowing that this whole time he was actually trying to stop Nightmare in Kirby's Adventure is what made me feel sentimental about him for the first time.

He's just such an awesome dinosaur! Everything about his design and his abilities is just plain awesome!

I just love thinking about how he first started out as some jealous Mario wannabe villain, to being a big star who goes on his own adventures and lives his own life through Wario Land and WarioWare. The way I see it, Wario just wanted to be loved like Mario, and now he has his own games and fans and everything! It's just amazing.

A man who never gives up on doing what's best for the greater good. He believes in the power of the human spirit and that one day, everyone can live in peace and harmony!

He's such a dorky and relatable guy who goes through one of the most epic adventures I ever played through in my whole life! And one of the only Nintendo characters to have developed quite a unique personality.

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Fox McCloud.

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1. Luigi/And the Mario characters- Practically my favorite video game character of all time. Seriously, I love all the mario characters with all my heart, I really do, and luigi is the humorous, most funny guy I have ever seen in my life. He feels so special to me no matter what. Along with the mario characters.
2. Link- He's an odd guy, but his adventures through time never disappoint to amaze me.
3. King DeDeDe- Hey may be a bit mean, but that's why I love him, I also dig his sense of ways in his world.
4. Ashely- A spooky peronsality, need I saw more.
5. Donkey Kong- All through the jungle his ways of being a kong always stays fresh.

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