Topic: Favourite Nintendo Character from ANY GAME!

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I'll Start!

I really love Donkey Kong, obviously, because he turned it around. Originally he was just one of Mario's villains, but he ended up getting his own franchise, a T.V show and crazy merchandise. My work sells a bunch of Nintendo stuff and we're starting to get more stuff for DK and I am stoked!!

So, who's your Hero?!

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Edit: I like the Metroid universe and they have a pretty cool backstory.

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In terms of personality, Hades has my vote. Though a lot of other Kid Icarus characters and bosses are up on that list (not too many games have full voice acting, especially good voice acting)

In terms of character design, tie between Zero Suit Samus and Amazon Pandora

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I think it's quite obvious that my favorite is GROOSE!!!!

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Prof_Clayton wrote:

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This phrase works for about half of the users here.

I see your point haha. But some people may prefer playing Characters but like others for design or backstory!

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The Happy Mask Salesman, for reasons you already know, Luigi, purely for humor, and like @Ray already said, Hades FTW. I'm also partial to Hector from FE7 and Volke from FE 9&10. Gangrel and Walhart from FE 13 are growing on me though.

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Falco Lombardi from the StarFox series is pretty awesome. I like his character, his attitude makes him just a badass.

I also quite like Kumatora from Mother 3 and Yoshi.
In terms of character design, I like Zero Suit Samus, just looks awesome.



Luigi! because he's awesome and reminds me alot of myself; shy, quiet, funny,and timid.

Also Samus because she's a "BA" with an interesting background (Other M notwithstanding.) I'm probably the only guy in history who does NOT like her in the Zero Suit.



when you think about it... it's absolutely amazing how many great franchises/characters Nintendo has
if i had to pick 1, it would definitely be Link, Link x Zelda <3

: )



As far as my favorite Nintendo Big Baddie Villians go, it's got to be this
most righteous & funky Fresh combination of the following! Mouser, King Hippo, Fry Guy and Egg Plant Wizard


But my favotite overall NintenCharacter would have to go to.....Drum roll* TOON Mario (of the SMB1, 2, 3, World, Land 1 & 2 Variety). With Little Mac and Pit following not too far behind!

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This a hard one, and I probably have too many. For now I'm going to say Kirby since I grew up playing those games , but I'll see if I can think of more favorites later.
Edit: Wait does Kirby count, being a HAL character and all?

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