Topic: Favorite Video game Villain ever?

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Grim Reaper from Super Castlevania IV — Not even the final boss, but he was always way harder.


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Dist the ReaperROSE! R.O.S.E. ROSE!
Dist might very well be my favorite villain. His hilarious, over-the-top nature easily makes him the most memorable God General, but best of all he brings out the best from Jade.

Where do I even start. Fawful is absolutely filled with charm, hilarity, and chortles. It's hard to really describe what makes him so great.

The Black Knight
The Black Knight is probably the strongest example of fear incarnate in Fire Emblem. I panicked every time he appeared on field, but I was dilly-dallying.

Metal Face
I can't say I've ever loved hating anyone quite as much as Metal Face. He's the longest running and most in-your-face villain in Xenoblade by far. It probably helps that he was the first villain to ever give me the Aeris Effect.

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I have a few:
Kefka from Final Fantasy VI
Porky from Earthbound
Dr. Eggman from Sonic
Fawful from Mario & Luigi: Bowser Inside Story



Freaking Phanto. Can't even bring out the key to unlock my door without thinking of that soulless monster.

@DestinyMan Haha, I love Magolor's golf clap scene. He knows what he's about.



Ganondorf. Plain and simple.

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Miss_Dark wrote:


Half of everything is luck, James.

For England, James?

Alec Trevylian is definitely one of my favorite villains of the Bond canon, but I can't vouch for him in videogames.

I'll have to go with Dr. Ivo Robotnik. Being first introduced to me on Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Master System version a long long time ago.

And no, I won't ever call him Eggman.

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I'll have to go with Dr. Ivo Robotnik.

And no, I won't ever call him Eggman.

what about Baldy McNosehair then?

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Actually, I'm pretty sure it's Caius from Final Fantasy XIII-2, if only because it's one of those rare Video game villains who is kind of respectable, since his motives are actually genuine.

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More of a anti-hero than a villain if you ask me. But Vergil is still a boss.



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