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It seems that I buy games just to have them. I have more games than I can handle, yet I always want more. I suppose I have this tendency to switch between systems, but not games. I've just broken out my SNES to play my old games and the ones I recently bought. I don't think I'll be buying any more SNES games (the only ones left are superheros and Disney Afternoon). However, I'm still looking into the VC as well as new Wii, DS, and 360 games. Can't wait til I get Forza 2 PE so's I can update it to have Road America, Miuras, and Challengers.

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I collect games, but I do so in a very complicated manner, so no.

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i simply dont have enough money to spend to get stuff like "super mario galaxy: SPECIAL EDITION" so no. i buy only games that i desire to play

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There was a time when I earned more money that I definitely concentrated on collecting games, particularly imports. I am an obsessive collector. The Japanese art on SNES/ MD/ GBA boxes was superior, so I bought those games regardless of in game text. US GCN and DS games have more vivid game titles/logos on their spine, so I imported them, because they looked better on my shelf (like I said obsessive, lol).
I have less cash now and I have bought tons of Virtual Console, WiiWare and PSN downloads and I fret about what will happen to my collection in 10 years time, when there is a new generation of systems. I look at my games collection displayed on shelves and I wish that all games were released in tangible formats. I never, ever sell of exchange my games.
So, "Do I simply collect games?", .................. "Yes!"
..... Edit - I do play all of my retro and current games, though. It would be a waste if they were simple display boxes.....

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I'm not an enthusiast when it comes to buying games. I don't up and sell a Nintendo game to get the special editions and whatnot. I just buy the games I'd really like to play once in awhile. One exception is Forza 2. Its Platinum Edition has a bonus disc with all the download content, so I'm definitely getting it.

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I'm not the collecting type when it comes to games. Games are meant to be enjoyed, not to be horded. If I like the game, I'll keep it. If I can't see myself playing it again, or just don't like it, I'll sell it. I do always seem to prefer buying games in pairs though. Last January, I hit a record of 14 games at one time and still haven't played them all, but my brother did.

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Ricardo91 wrote:

No. I buy games to PLAY, not to look at. Though I've bought a ton of games during the summer, I intend to play through them all at some point.

Thats a one way road to becoming a collector, the only difference is nothing stays in its plastic wrap and you don't give a shit about the scratches on the used disc you bought. I'm not a collector, I want to play everything I buy, but in reality I just don't have the time.

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To be honest, I'm. Unfortunately, I'm a bit short on money (none to be honest), but when I see some fantastic games on sale, I can't control myself. And I also buy the hardcore games just to support them to make more of these games.

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I don't sell the games I buy, so essentially I have built up a nice collection of games from over the years. But I don't buy games simply to say I own Game X or whatever.



I collect games. Mostly been getting downloadable games lately because it helps with shelf space. But I tend to purchase more than I can play.

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I buy games to play them not to display them.



Reala wrote:

I buy games to play them not to display them.

The Game.

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I sort of collect games, just because often I'll pick up I game I want to play but then not get around to playing it.

Currently I have about 12 or so unplayed games :l


I play the games I get, but never finish them sometimes. I have no idea why though (except for that some of the old games I get are REALLY bad).

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I buy games that I want to play, and don't get rid of them, unless there awful. Which would explain my 60+ games.


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Digiki wrote:

I sort of collect games, just because often I'll pick up I game I want to play but then not get around to playing it.

Currently I have about 12 or so unplayed games :l

Ditto...if only my DSi charger would come...I think it got lost in the mail. (Sadness and despair)

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Once again, I buy games I like to play. I have so many, some go unplayed for a long time, but when I'm in the mood I break them out.

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I have only purchased a small amount of games, just to collect.

Burger King games (Big Bumpin', Pocketbike Racer and Sneak King)

None of them will sell for much, so don't ask me why I bought them. I just did. (Every one has been opened and played.)

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