Topic: Build a Retro Groupee 2 (PC Irem (Arcade Ninja Spirit) / Raiden).

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Dirt cheap not on steam but just a drm free exe.

Irem Collection and Raiden Legacy are both great.

Arcade version of Ninja Spirit.

Not seen it mentioned but I try and pay for stuff on MAME if I get the opportunity. Don't know what else is good other than All the Raiden Games and Ninja Spirit but there is a boatload more Irem Games.

(Maybe nobody cares but if I had missed this I would have been annoyed so hence this post).

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I downloaded IREM Arcade Hits to find out it doesn't run so great.
(after somebody pointed out this was the only licensed home release of R-Type Leo. Playing Undercover Cops without spending over 100 bucks on a Super Famicom cart would be awesome as well.)



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