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I broke down and finally got another 360 after mine messed up over a year ago. It's that arcade model and it is 512 mb, but I was wondering where the date is at. I looked in the warranty booklet, but I didn't see the built on date. Anyone care to let me know where I can find this at? I googled and all I could find was the release date of the 360 in 2005 lol. Thanks a lot! Sorry to start a topic on this



Huh. I honestly don't have a clue.

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I'm not an expert but it sounds like you have the "Jasper" model of the 360 which as far as I'm aware went into production in 2009.



Check on the back of the unit near the serial number. And you can go here to find out how you tell if you got a Jasper chipset or not. It has to do with the power rating and power brick that comes with it. Both my US and Japanese Xbox 360 systems are Jasper.

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Alright thanks Corbie. I'll check it out after I wake up later today.



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