Topic: UPDATED! - Banned PSN player takes aim at both Nintendo and Microsoft

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My two cents: Ok, when I saw this on my Twitter, I was laughing my head off because this guy is suing both companies for:

  • The RRoD failure on his Xbox 360
  • The Wii's infamous 4.2 update which bricked his console

EDIT: Well. reading it over again, he's a straight-up idiot. He got what was coming to him!

What are your thoughts?


Ok, I think he's gone off the deep end. I mean I have my online friends (like you guys), and I have my RL friends to keep me in the loop.
I'm not sure what to say now..... Read the article and continue this discussion!

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I just read it, and I feel sorry for the guy. But SERIOUSLY, who relies on games for happiness?

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I'm pretty sure that the Declaration of Independence was a statement of war by the original colonies and holds no legal standing over current law.

In other words? FAIL.



This is actually kinda scary. If fanboys are willing to go this far, what will happen next?



This guy is an idiot, its as bad as this kid the other day on the radio ranting about he was going to prosecute his parents because they wouldnt let him go see Twilight New Moon this weekend, and he told his mom that Sarah Palin was a "sl.." and his mom slapped him in the mouth for it, over a Nesweek magazine that was in the house. The kid was saying that if you looked hard enough you could see the shape of Palins ............. so because of that he thought he had enough to prosecute his parents........ man the people in this world are getting ridiculous.

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Wow, that guy is an idiot.

The Game.

Is it after 9PM EST? You should probably ignore the above post.


OMG, that was the most rediculous thing i have ever read, seriously, he has a wii, a 360 and ps3 and he canĀ“t just afford 100$ for the 360 reparation, damn, never heard of that kind of hardcore fanboy, now i feel bad for the people like him..

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He wants Nintendo to pay him because they are trying to protect themselves from thieves (pirates), and not only that, but wants Nintendo to stop fighting piracy?

Today is November 20, 2009... only Xbox 360s bought on or before November 19, 2006 are out of warranty (3 years against RROD and E74), and the repair is $100 and takes only 2 to 4 weeks to come back... he says he now wants a new system ($199 and up) and is trying to afford it... paid for all 3 consoles, and can't afford a $100 repair?... why is it that I feel he was using the Homebrew Channel to steal (pirate) games, that his 360 was out of warranty because it was used to steal (pirate) games, and he was more than likely banned from PSN for cheating? lol

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Suing MS for The RROD: slightly understandable, but still makes him kinda of an idiot.

Suing Nintendo for The 4.2 Update That Blocks Unauthorized 3rd Party Software: The "epic" part of this epic fail.

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what an idiot. this kid should be made to live in one of these poor places where they don`t have things like games consoles, tv`s or computers. he`d soon appreciate what he`s got then.
also, i think a term in the armed forces would sort out his silly fears and phobias.

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Fail. Fail. Can I be the judge on this one? Please!!!

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He will need star rankings on Mario Kart to unlock all characters lol

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Sooooooo.... he can't afford the $100 to fix his 360, but can afford the lawyer fees to sue?

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I cant find the source that I found on it, but I saw somewhere that there are several firms aiming at Microsoft right now for all the Mod Bans they just did.......... funny thing is, the idiots who modded their systems know they are guilty and still want to fight it.

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I got the 4.2 update and nothing happened to me.




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Badknux wrote:

I got the 4.2 update and nothing happened to me.

You would have a problem with homebrew or not homebrew if you turned your wii off during the long update.


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