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@Bahamut Zero:
Regarding the sound issue, I guess I kind of liked the mellow quiteness that followed between firefights. I suppose that one boils down to a matter of taste.
For the character design, I'm not going to say that they're great, but they are above the usual FPS or action title, and Master Chief is an example in how to create an iconic character based on his appearence alone. I also liked Arby, but that might just be Keith Davids soothing voice luring me in.

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@The Fox: Yup, they're usual FPS. That's my problen. The only FPS characters were Cortana, and Gaz. I actually liked the Arbiter along with his missions in Halo 2 (best part IMO), and it was a shame they shoved him to the side



i love ODST and 2
plus i just got halo 4 and it is awesome but i wonder why 343 industries left out the SMG and grenade launcher

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