Topic: The totally NOT official gamesharing thread (PS3 users only)

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any1 wanna gameshare?

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The Official Nintendo Life PS3 game-sharing service. Awesome!



lol, this could be troublesome, completely unsafe, and pretty sure illegal (Game sharing is for owners of more than 1 console and/or the lots that have to had a replacement... not for sharing the games over the Internet xD)

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Also for psp to ps3 same downloads like ps1 classics

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Im not into gamesharing. I just finally got my account off a guys PS3 that I did gameshare with.

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Legal or not, all Google has to offer on gamesharing involves some stuff that could turn out risky if people don't take the proper precautions (as in deleting their credit card/billing info? wtf), so I'm going to lock this thread. Though I'm sure you had good intentions, BB, there's no telling what could happen down the line, especially if new users decided they wanted to get in on the action. :3

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