Topic: The last of us.. yes or no?

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I don't think I would class it as a shooter. It's probably closer in style to a survival horror and stealth is hugely important unless you want to die very quickly. The only problem is there are quite a few situations where you must kill every enemy in the area to proceed, which can sometimes feel counterintuitive.

The gameplay really works in context with the story and there isn't the narrative disconnect a lot of modern games have. The way the story is told and acted is masterful.

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darthmawl wrote:

Im almost done darksiders II on wii u and despite majors glitches the game is amazing. After that my nxt big game is mario 3d world so i have time to play a quick game. My ps3 has been collecting dust lately and my friend asked me to try the last of us several time. Is that game realy that good...?

I'll just add, that if you haven't played ZombiU, pick it up first. GamePad interaction and awesomeness.

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THanks guys ...! Ive liked uncharted games before i started playing zelda now every games i play i feel like its a step down from zelda im just so crazy about this franchise. I think ill give the last of us a chance since im waiting for Mario 3d world and zelda albw wich is a month from now . i have plenty of time to finish the last of us ! Thanks

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It's a survival game involving infected (not zombies) with an emphasis on emotional storytelling. I hardly even class it as a shooter since you rarely have plenty of ammo. Shiv your way to victory!


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