Topic: Should nintendo port games to mobile devices?

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Nope. Nintendo is doing fine with their own consoles. Mobile devices dont deserve their high standard quality games

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Tobias95 wrote:

Phones created by Nintendo, yeah that would be awsome ^^ but I dont want their games on other companies system

100% agreed, part of what makes Nintendo games as good as they are has to do with Nintendo creating the hardware then developing their highly optimized software around that hardware, so if Nintendo games ever came to a mobile smart device naturally it would have to be one that Nintendo designed themselves in order to maintain the level of quality that Nintendo games are known for. I guess the real question than is would enough people beyond Nintendo fans want such a device, if not I agree Nintendo should stick to making dedicated gaming devices.

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CaviarMeths wrote:

I think the only people who would really support this are people who are already using emulators and ROMs to play old Nintendo games for free anyway, soooo... what's the point?

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Tobias95 wrote:

Phones created by Nintendo, yeah that would be awsome ^^ but I dont want their games on other companies system

Would be hard for them to make a profitable phone, even if it was the coolest phone ever- only people on this board would see how cool it is. I think they might be able to somehow partner with Google and then co-brand with a manufacturer, but how likely would Nintendo be to do that? Even then, I doubt it would be all that profitable bc it's such a crowded and competitive space




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