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Many of you out there most likely played a Sega Saturn, some have not. I was one of the fortunate/unfortunate gamers that owned a Saturn. One of the great titles I owned was Shining the Holy Ark from the Shining Series by Sonic! Software Platform and produced by Sega. This title broke the mold of traditional RPG titles by adding a "first person" perspective. Completely original but rather unique. The easiest comparison is to the game play style is battle mode from the Phantasy Star series on the Sega Genesis. The game played out step by step in town and on the fields and dungeons. Battle would spring up and be completed from the same screen. The title has traditional RPG elements as far as leveling and equipping items. One interesting feature is that once your characters have reached a certain level, they can change classes. All in all, the story line is unique and tailored to the Shining universe. I will say the ending will leave you hanging though.

So, have you played it? What are you thoughts?

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Unfortunately, I'm with those that haven't played a Sega Saturn.

I haven't played any games in the Phantasy Star series either, but I might change that with one of the virtual console games.



I own a Saturn and I've been thinking of buying this game but it is a little pricy.

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I am a big Shining fan, and I really like StHA (in fact, until last week it was sat on my desk, taunting me...) I've probably played it three or four times, and would like to play it again one day when I magically find the time. It'd be nice if it were a bit faster and smoother, but otherwise it looks nice and sounds absolutely beautiful as well.

I love the way it ties into Shining Force III as well, which makes the combination one of the greatest RPG series ever, I'd have to say.

Cheezy - I understand your hesitation, and I bought it at launch for probably less than its current market price, but you know it's the kind of game that will hold its value in future as Sega will never re-release it. It's a good investment as well as a great game, I'd say.


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