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Which game is the best? I was looking at them and they seem interesting, but they basically look the same, just with different powers.
Which one is better at:
(A) Overall gameplay
(B) Story
(C) Replayibility

P.S. I don't want to have to delete this thread because of flame wars, so please respect each others opinion and NO FIGHTING PLEASE!

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The Game.

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Well, I just bought Infamous a few weeks ago and I love it. The side quests have been pretty boring and repetitive, but the overall story missions are a lot of fun. The city is tons of fun to navigate, as well. Now that I have acquired powers that let me grind on electric wires, and hover, I feel like a total badass running around the city taking out Reapers. Anyways, I can't say if Prototype is bad, since I have never played it, but I really am enjoying Infamous and would recommend it to any action fan. Also there is some replayability, I am playing through the game as a Hero (Good) now, but will play through a second time to achieve Infamous ranking (Evil). So you will get some bang for your buck.

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I'm looking into Prototype... played the Infamous demo and was quite boring, and with lackluster graphics and effects, and meh controllers...

Either one or the other, I'm not paying full price for any of them... I know the Xbox 360 version of Prototype will eventually be discounted in a nearby retailer (they do a lot of discounts, specially on Microsoft plattforms), so I'll probably get it then, or will get it on either Steam, Direct2Drive or Gamer's Gate if the discount is good enough (none of them look like a game I would go back again and again)

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All 3 aspects are better in Infamous. Prototype is just a weaker game on all fronts.

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