Topic: How many people here went from the Xbox 360 to the PS4?

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Just wondering as I’m one of them. I’ve been playing Microsoft consoles since about December of 2001 (with the original Xbox, right after launch). Also, in terms of content, and the time spent playing it, the Xbox 360 is awesome.

So, the reasons for switching, I think Sony did an awesome job of presenting the Playstation 4 during 2013, beginning from the start, during the Feb 2013 initial showcase………even if they are a hugh multi-billion dollar corporation, they (Sony) just sold themselves well and acted like they cared about what gamers in general want (not some cheap gimmick or something). Plus, Sony's Shuhei Yoshida, just a really likable, modest figurehead compared to the guys at Microsoft.

I don’t hate Microsoft or the Xbox brand at all, but their insistence on Kinect for the Xbox One (which I don’t even want to deal with or want to be honest), and just, kind of looking like suit wearing asses during the unveiling in May and E3 in June……it just made me go with Sony. Sure, I’ll have to give up my Halo, Forza, and Gears of War, etc………..but, Sony more or less covers the same genres, and if anything, I think Sony does a better job of publishing a larger selection of games, for instance, I still like platformers, and at least Sony has Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank, Sly Cooper, etc.

Plus, the Playstation 4 is one fine looking console.



I'm not getting the PS4 for a long time, but I'm going from 360 to PS4. Simply because the 360 is one of the worst consoles I've ever owned. Right up there with the Wii U. The 360 salvages itself with it's awesome online store, but that's it. Every other exclusive is a game I don't care about. Plus you have to pay for online, at least with PS4 we'll be getting the free games and discounts that come with PS+.


That's kinda, exactly what I'm doing. I don't see me getting one soon, but the PS4 is going to be the only console next to my Wii U. 360 didn't have many exclusives I didn't enjoy, and I can get Sony's exclusives and great third party support along with Nintendo's great exclusives. Match made in heaven, I believe.

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I am went from the 360 to the PS4 but its not cause I dont like Microsoft or had a bad experience with my 360. I always buy a Nintendo console for the Nintendo games and then another console for the games that wont be coming to the Nintendo console. The main reason I went with PS4 this gen is the price and that was why I went with the 360 last gen over the PS3.

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Nay. I'm going to eventually get a Xbox One just not sure when. Right now the 360 looks still have plenty of life left in it.

But main reason I'm sticking to Xbox is because I really don't like the PS controller cause I just find the offset sticks on the Xbox much more comfortable as well as the form of the controller seems better suited to my hands and Halo. Still love Halo and will continue to I'm sure.

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@RetroontheGo ,I agree that Microsoft isn’t really the best publisher, and at that, I think they are a bit lousey when it comes to running their own development studios, they have no Nintendo EAD, Retro, or Naughty Dog,…….and the studios they do have, they usually run them into the ground (Rare), end up parting (Bungie), or see a downturn in quality (Lionhead)……….hence why they have to throw a bunch of money at the likes of Epic and EA for excusives.

That being said, I think the Xbox 360 was a quality system (if you didn’t get the red ring), but yes, Microsoft isn’t the best at establishing a legacy.

@RancidVomit86 ,I still think the Xbox One will be a great choice, I’m pretty sure that’s the route my brother is going to take, I think the big deal breaker for me was Kinect though.



@sub12 Yea I agree. I think whatever console people buy they will have fun and that's usually why I like to have all of them but my bank account hates me if I do that. As well as the stink eye I get from my ole lady isn't worth it lol. - Dayman
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