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So, because FPS are actually trying to be interesting again, I might as well make a topic for my pick for the most worth caring about new shooter.

So in case you don't know, this is the new game from the Left 4 Dead guys. It is a 4 vs. 1 multiplayer game where the 1 is an evolving monster, which leads to all sorts of interesting monster variety. I'm kinda blanking right now on exactly how that works admittedly. Everything about the game looks amazing to me though, and it takes REAL effort to get me truly excited for an FPS anymore. It's also apparently gonna have a super long life via updates, and not rely on sequels, which is appreciated.

I was gonna make this as another "why is no one complaining about THIS not being on Wii U?" thread because y'know, 4 vs. 1, makes perfect sense. But the game doesn't have local multiplayer. I mean, to give them credit, the reason they've apparently given actually sounds like a valid reason for why local multiplayer wouldn't be nearly as good instead of just a lack of effort, but as someone without a gaming PC and uninterested in paying for Xbox Live. Kinda sad about this.

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Of course these types of games will never come to the Wii U. Companies tend to release their big-budget titles to consoles that have large install bases, like the PS4 & Xbox One. Since the Wii U is flopping in sales right now, nobody would want to release them there.

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I hate to say this... but I'm willing to bet that this is the next Titanfall. Hype... then blows away a few weeks later.

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Blast has a point this game will only be about hype and then it will get hated on, cause its over hyped.Just like watch dogs was,

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Gah, I'm tired of lack of local multiplayer though. The struggle isn't new. Last gen, my brother and I had a fantastic time playing through Resistance: Fall of Man together. When we finished it, we load up Resistance 2 and... no co-op campaign. Boggles the mind. FPS campaigns aren't even particularly fun if you're not playing through them with someone else.

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