Topic: Pokémon Battle Ladder & Monthly Tournaments #2 - DECEMBER TOURNEY BATTLES

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sorry guys but i can't find my copy of White i'ma have to skip on this one :/



RedPanda wrote:

Although I lost already, I just wanted to see if there was any news. Everything is slowing down, but I wanna see who ends up on top.

Unless I missed something, we've got two battles to go in the first round: Marakuto vs turtlelink, and Retro vs LJM


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@Turtlelink Would you like to battle in 2 hours?

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Eh well, given the total lack of real interest in the Jan tourney, we'll wrap up this tourney and call it a day. Assuming, of course, anyone's still interested in wrapping up the December tourney.

In short: from this point, please do not 'revive' or 'bump' this thread unless it is specifically regarding the current ongoing tourney. Thanks for participating!


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