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Eagle9 wrote:

Wondering is there any games like Stargunner with many power-ups and enemies for Switch? Thanks in advance for possible answers.

Shmups eh? There are several classic shmups to pick from. The Aero Fighter series and Blazing Star are some of my favorite Neo Geo ports. Or eShop search for "psikyo", a developer best known for their shmups, Zero Gunner 2 being the one I enjoy most. Then you have R-Type Dimensions, a cosmic horror-inspired horizontal shmup.

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Thanks. I have now Aero Fighters 2, Strikers 1945, Rogue Aces (from sale), and most recently Strikers 1945 II and Sturmwind Ex. Watched videos and read reviews.

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Is there a way for me to filter somewhere what open world games are on the Switch?

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@Ruthless4u Have you considered Divinity Original Sin 2? It's turn-based fights though, so I guess not exactly like Diablo 3 (haven't played that one though), but I think Divinity 2 is an amazing couch co-op game. Played it for about 100 hours with my partner.



Does anyone have Catan, Pandemic, and/or any of the other board games like those on switch? If so, do they play well, and does the multiplayer work well?

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