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@subpopz The Inklings, for one, and not just generic gun and bomb wielding characters that use their likeness.


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I'm guessing that "original game" refers to "Super Smash Bros" on the N64, as I'm guessing that this game will also simply be titled "Super Smash Bros", thus further suggesting that it is an enhanced port of Smash 4, which is also called "Super Smash Bros". It will probably be the same game with new features, like a subspace emissary.



I really don't think they need too many new characters, though guest characters like Shantae, shovel knight, spyro and crash would be enough to get people excited.

I think that they should put more work into the custom moves feature, and give characters multiple very different and very iconic moves. More like the mii fighters, which had very different alternative moves.



this could in the end simply be a port, but inklings so yeah!
If splatoon gets a bone, then I say that arms is going to get representation as well.
also I'd love to see paper mario, shovel knight, and subspace emissary

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Evidence towards port:

1. We haven't heard of it until now, and it's launching in 2018. Usually new Smash games have several years of hype cycle.

2. It was announced at a direct with a similar cinematic structure to Smash 4, rather than with big E3 fanfare.

3. It's only been 4 years since Smash 4, and the DLC was coming for over a year, so there wouldn't have been much time for development.

Evidence towards new game

1. New logo

2. Copyright only references the original game, not Smash 4.

3. Sakurai has said the title can't be revealed, as if it's something new

4. New Website.

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As @BezBot showed, the WiiU game has the same original game copyright reference.
I'm pretty sure this reference to the original is because the title is "super smash bros", which is the same title as the original game.



@iKhan: I should point out that Sakurai developed Kid Icarus Uprising between Brawl and 4 so that only gives Smash 4 2-3 years of development

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Ah okay, thanks!
It is a really weird move to tease a Smash without specifically stating if it's a port or new game.
Well if it's anything like the jump from Splatoon to Splatoon 2 I'm okay with it. It should feel a little different.



Also Smash 4 was originally going to release on the same year it was yeah, this'll likely be delayed as well. lol

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@Joeynator3000 I hope not. I want to play this game as soon as possible.

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Gee, this thread sure is convincing me that Nintendo didn't need to give any additional details about 'Super Smash Bros.' such as 'what is it?'

Anyway, if it is a new game it's another one of those lame untitled sequels with no clear direction or character before the announcement. Modern Nintendo is terrible with those. I can pick out Bowser, Samus, DK, and Wario from the silhouetted line up, probably Ness and Mr. Fire Emblem too. All that says is it's a Smash Bros. game after Brawl, though.

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@Haru17 If we're starting a list, you can find Pikachu and Kirby.

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Has it not occured to anyone that this IS a new game but it just uses the same engine and art style as Smash 4? That would explain the quick 3 year development cycle. Reusing assets would make a lot of sense since there isn't much else they can improve on graphically.

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I feel like this is gonna be Smash Bros. 4.5, regardless of what they call it. Like, there's no good reason to not reuse the majority of content from 3DS/Wii U. Like look at Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, there's not much they need to do to make a massive hit, let's be honest here.

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Whatever they do...

Please Nintendo just add actual real alternate costumes for more of the characters.

Also if they go full DX version, they better include all the 3DS content. That one had better modes, and many of the stages were more interesting too.

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I just remembered, Mii Fighters, give them a freakin' voice already! Allow us to customize it Tomodachi Life style! lol

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