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@Dezzy Switch motion controls are significantly better than Wii motion controls. If Arms works great with motion controls, I don't see why Nintendo wouldn't be able to pull off fluid combat in a Switch version of Skyward Sword.

The only downside with motion on the Switch is that there is no pointer per se - instead it uses tilt as a proxy for pointing at the screen. This actually works really well in combination with the analog sticks for aiming in games like BOTW and Splatoon.

That said, I'd rather they ditch motion controls if it means salvaging portability.

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Skyward Sword was actually a pretty decent game. I’m sick of people like you saying it wasn’t. The story was solid, the relationship between Link and Zelda was one of the best in the series, graphics pushed the Wii to its limit, music was great, environments were great, and the motion actually worked really well. The game isn’t that vastly different than Twilight Princess, which also had motion controls on the Wii (which no one seems to be complaining about. People are mainly salty toward it because of the motion controls. I think people think it is cool to dislike the game. If you dislike it, fine, but don’t say it wasn’t good, because you sound like a teenage clown who knows nothing about games.

The point of remastering a game is to bring new life to it for others to play. If they take assets from BoTW, then it would defeat the purpose. Not sure why you would even say that.



@Androyd34 My main and only gripe with the whole games was the flying. Many said it was similar to sailing but flying was even more empty the sailing. Other then that I had no problems with Motion, story, Fi, or anything other then maybe fighting that same boss multiple times whatever it was called.

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They could do an HD collection of classics in the vein of Metrod Prime Trilogy, Super Mario All-Stars or Mega Man Legacy Collection. If they do another re-release of the Wii U HD version of Twilight and Wind Waker, adding in Skyward Sword as well would be a no-brainer. With better textures and HD resolutions, none of these games look particularly dated as the art direction in each game, while varying greatly between them, is still consistently great. Particularly the colourful style of Skyward Sword is not unlike the one in last year's Breath of the Wild.

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