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Hello guys,

So in the last few hours Nintendo online got launched and this is causing a nightmare in the region I live: Middle East.

Nintendo doesn't has the eshop available in this region and because of that I am not able to download the eshop Nintendo online app or apply for a subscription. Nintendo sells games like splatoon, Mario Kart and rocket league in my region and since last night these games are useless without performing tricks.

Right now the only solution is to change the region to a European country. This works fine for P2P games but games with dedicated servers get very laggy (for example Fortnite)

Since Nintendo sell the games here by official channels I think the games should work out of the box.
Unfortunately there is no way to complain since Nintendo doesn't has any support numbers/email in my region...



That doesn't work it looks the online app makes a connection with the store to see if it's available.

Anyway Nintendo sells the games here by official channels and in my opinion it should work without any tricks.



A representative of Nintendo called me and his answer was just enjoy some other games.



For real?


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Wow thats cold. I would call back. That has to be a low level person so they made something up on the spot. There is no way that is the official answer.

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So the problem is that Nintendo doesn't has a representative in the middle East. They only have a distributor that sells games to the mainstream stores.

The comment to enjoy other games comes from the distributor who called me on behalf of Nintendo.

In the UAE Nintendo has
No telephone hotline
No email address
No website
No Warranty or repair service.

I have 1 broken pro controller that is 35 days old and the vibration doesn't work. Nobody is able to repair or accepting it for warranty.

I am originally from the Netherlands and used to better service of Nintendo.
Xbox and playstation are able to provide excellent service in my country and I don't understand why Nintendo cannot.

Specially with the higher prices in the UAE. 100 dollars for a pro controller or 75 dollars for a game.

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