Topic: How popular is FIFA 18 on Switch?

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I am going to be writing a review up for FIFA 18, but I will say that while it is a decent version for the Switch, there is a lot that has been left out that could have been placed in. The engine is based off what was used on FIFA 17... Sort of, I can notice moments where it looks very 15/16 as well.

FUT is still on the fence, market is a lot more expensive than say the Xbox One/PS4 version, squad battles should have been included, no reason for this to be missed out.

FIFA 18 is more of a restart for EA with Nintendo and it looks as though the game is a year to few years behind the current iterations. Mainly because they probably wanted to see how it faired, but I'm happy with what we've got to be honest, hopefully, next years will be a massive improvement..... Unless EA self-implode and don't do another one....

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Quite possible we won't get another. If we do I would have to see it to believe it that it's improved over this version.



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