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@bluemage1989 Good choices, both of them. And if you want to dive further into the wonderful retro arcade to home conversion that is the Neo Geo, be sure to watch that top 50 video, if you haven't done so already.

And to start with: any of the Metal Slug games is more or less a must-have in any Neo Geo collection, as is a King of Fighters game. Some are better than others, but all of them are great fun, both for a quick play during breaks or travel, as well as for longer sessions.

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What we really want, need, are the Neo Geo Pocket games on Switch. Especially the two Metal Slugs, Sonic, and Match of the Millennium. However the NGP probably has t he greatest ratio of great games of any system. Genuinely can't think of a bad game for the system.



@Sakura7 If they made a Joy con that replaced the analog stick with the Neo Geo Pocket's thumbstick, I'd buy it.

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Sakura7 wrote:

To get the widest berth of quality fighters it comes down to Garou, Samurai Shodown II, The Last Blade, KoF '98, and Waku Waku 7.

Exactly what my Top5 of Neo Geo fighters looks like, though I would put Samurai Shodown, Last Blade and KoF as series and not as specific titles.

On the flipside, there are NG fighters that are considered classics and were recommended to me that I thought were lame, so beware:
Art of Fighting. Tiny roster, small number of moves, at the time innovative 2-plane fighting with neat zoom effect, but nowadays too slow and restricted, and not impressive anymore.
World Heroes: While gameplay is ok, it's just a blatant Street Fighter clone with uninteresting characters. A cheap knock-off that isn't nearly as good as the original it copies. Get any Street Fighter II instead.
King of the Monsters: A slow slog like so many wrestling games of the era, visually comparable to a SNES or Mega Drive game. It makes its fans nostalgic and unfortunately blind. Not a very fun or good-looking game by todays standards.

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@Magician Present.... wallets!!!

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@SKTTR I agree. Any of those series. Was just getting real specific! For example my fave old school KoF is actually '99. But that's 'cos it was the only KoF that was never released originally in the UK (though Dreamcast mags at the time did state Dream Match was coming) so the Switch version was 'fresh' for me. In fact it's the only KoF I have on Switch as I have all the others,including all the sidegames running the gamut of Saturn (gotta love the memory card), PS2, PS3, and NeoGeo Pocket. Finally picked up the new KoF in the current PSN sale. Pretty 'mazin' too.



been asking this question around and the most consistent top 5 I get is KoF98, Last Blade 2, Samurai Showdown 2, Mark of the Wolves and Real Bout Fatal Fury 2

might have to resort to innie minnie

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Mark of the Wolves looks awesome.

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