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@Paddle1: If you're referring to the gold coin expiration on My Nintendo, this article is proof that the cutoff for gold coins was once six months.

If you're referring to the old Club Nintendo system, there's also evidence out there that the limit there was roughly two years.

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@Tyranexx Oh, I thought you meant they extended it with this update.



I cant help but compare this to Sony's Trophy reward scheme, which for those wondering is hilarious bad.

On My Nintendo you get 5%/1% back on each purchase as Gold Coins. Any Gold Coins you had before the change are still valid. Its available world wide.

For Sony, you need to earn Trophies. Bronze doesn't count, only Silver and above. The values are thus:

100 silver trophies for 100 points or one point per trophy
25 gold trophies for 250 points or 10 points per trophy
10 platinum trophies for 1,000 points or 100 points per trophy

Note each game only has one Platinum, if at all, a handful of Gold and several Silver. You don't actually earn any points UNTIL you hit 100 Silver, 25 Gold, or 10 Platinum. Until those marks are met, you get nothing.

So, you buy a game and Platinum it. Great. Now do it with 9 more. If we are generous and add Gold and Silver maaaybe you could do it in 7. Of course not every game has a Platinum trophy so some games have intrinsically less value.

Now the kicker. $60 per game. 10 Platinum trophies to get 1000 points.

1000 points is the threshold you need to hit to earn $10. You get nothing before that point. $10 you can use anywhere.

$10 - for $600 if you're lucky and hundreds of hours.

Then to get another $10, do it all again. Get another 1000 points. Now you have $20, for $1200.

But the real pain? USA only, and of course, trophies you already earned before signing up do not count. So for instance if I was in the US I would have 1450 trophies or so...with no value, whatsoever. Even though under the scheme they should, but unlike Gold Coins, they wont transfer over.

Therein lies the problem with reward schemes, its easy to complain and say the grass is always greener, but by industry standards this is generous.

On My Nintendo at least your coins carried over and you don't need to hit a serious of arbitrary thresholds to earn $10 after spending hundreds. Here you get it for the purchase free to use as you wish.

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Maybe you should compare it to Club Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox have the weekly sales to make up for having no reward system. But it's a bit redundant isn't it? The whataboutisms.



@Octane They do have the weekly sales yes. But is that part of a rewards program? Or is that part of the world?

You don't need to sign up for that. They just happen. Its not part of any rewards scheme. It just exists. I am comparing reward schemes here.

And Sony does have a reward scheme, I detailed it above. Maybe you should look it up, its terrible

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@YummyHappyPills Actually part of the PS+ package is additional discounts on games, so one could argue it's a "reward" program.

EDIT: perhaps reward would be the wrong term for it -shrugs- point being, just because Sony also has an awful customer loyalty system doesn't mean Nintendo's also isn't awful and shouldn't be criticized. Yes, Sony too.

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@MisterPi I'm not saying MyNintendo isn't bad. I'm saying its the worst thing out there as far as rewards schemes go.

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No matter how you look at this, this is just an extra feature. Sure it's nothing substantial, but you could just get nothing.

Have 500 coins? That's $5 you don't have to spend on an eShop game. You didn't have to pay anything extra for that $5, so it's something.

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My biggest issue is that I went in and got my points for games immediately. If I had waited I would have gotten more points. For example I pre-ordered Odyssey and grabbed my coins day 1. I got 12 coins. It's now worth 60.



Hikingguy wrote:

But instead of somehow towing the line better between physical and digital, Nintendo has made the decision to use negative reinforcement to encourage people to choose digital over physical and has thus made physical owners second class citizens with their loyalty program.

I don't feel that way at all. Look at it this way, I got a physical copy of Splatoon 2 yesterday for $69AU and Nintendo gave me 80 gold coins when I registered it. Basically taking My Nintendo into account it cost me $68.20. If I was to buy it digitally I would've got 400 gold coins but I would've spent $79.95. Effectively $75.95 for digital, $68.20 for physical. So I'm not really behind at all.

Either way I've always seen these rewards programs as secondary. If they happen to make the game cheaper than the physical copy then sure, I'll take advantage of it. But usually they don't. So hopefully they bring out some other content on there whether it's free Switch content or healthy discounts. Because those will likely be technically worth more due to the fact that they're more restrictive in how you can use them. Eg a 40-50% discount on an NES game is worth more than 20c.

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I have searched possibilities and decided to use my 1090 Gold Points for Owlboy. Much better this than to let all expired, (already about 600).

It all started from Game&Watch.

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