So many Platinum Points to spend...

My Nintendo has now been live for five months, launching on 31st March in most territories. The Club Nintendo replacement has done some things well, such as utilising the much improved Nintendo Account system, but has also had its critics. Not all have been impressed with the rewards on offer, in particular, and an ongoing bone of contention is the limited time to spend earned Points.

The good news is that Nintendo has extended the validity window for Gold Points, the currency earned from buying games on the eShop. All of your Gold Points are now valid for 12 months, instead of expiring after six months. The downside is that Platinum Points (those you earn from regular activities such as accessing Miiverse or playing Miitomo) still have a six month validity period.

Effective immediately, the validity of Gold Points has been extended to a period of 12 months. This change applies to all Gold Points already earned as well as those earned from now on.

The expiry date for Gold Points is now set to the end of the month, 12 months after they're collected.

• Gold Points collected on 15/06/2016 expire after 30/06/2017.
• Gold Points collected on 31/10/2016 expire after 31/10/2017.

Platinum Points are not affected by this change. Their validity period remains at six months.

It's worth noting that the initial batch of Platinum points many of us earned early in the service will be expiring soon, in about one month's time.

Hopefully the upcoming Nintendo Direct will include some My Nintendo goodies to encourage us to spend.