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It's this Friday, the 20th of November. Got this message from Club Nintendo today:


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Dang America can't keep this from you too long :/



Super sweet! Not going anywhere near it though, unless I get a demo first. wink wink, nudge nudge



Nooo! We want Excitebike! I hope this is a 2 release week...

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That was quite quick

I was expecting Excitebike on Friday but that seems highly unlikely now. Never mind. And as Machu said, I won't get it unless we get a demo as well.



Still not sure if I'm going to get this. NL's review didn't say much about what exactly you are doing in the game. How you do attack, just choose one from a menu or is it really attacking. But you can play as Bulbasaur which is awesome. But I think I need a demo to be sure. I really hope we will get Excitebike too this Friday.

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