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I have registered my Club Nintendo games for 5000 points, but when I go to redeem my stars, it says I only have 1000 stars? 3 183 PoyoKoops Sat 22nd November, 2014 by TingLz
Issue with WiiU gamepad analog stick (feels squeaky, little bit rough) 1 284 Cakeface Thu 20th November, 2014 by Dave24
3ds require update 7 168 Nebbi Thu 20th November, 2014 by Nebbi
Nintendo 3DS XL screen problem 0 227 LuciusHellmonde Sun 16th November, 2014 by LuciusHellmonde
Questions on picking up a pre order 2 135 Grelephant Sat 15th November, 2014 by Grelephant
The World Ends with You 16 421 Michael_JF Mon 10th November, 2014 by moomoo
Lines on SNES TV Screen 4 374 jakebot99 Sun 9th November, 2014 by the_shpydar
New 3ds won't turn on 6 765 aomayo77 Sun 9th November, 2014 by Peach64
3ds A & B buttons not functioning properly 2 295 wackyzackyz Tue 4th November, 2014 by VeeFlamesNL
"Streammer" Making False Copyrights 2 359 Mushi Mon 3rd November, 2014 by I_Am_Kappa
Posting Problem 0 170 theWAITisOVER Sun 2nd November, 2014 by theWAITisOVER
Stolen 3DS Problems? What can I do? 13 1,383 Gamergirl96 Sun 2nd November, 2014 by Artwark
how to remove eraser stain on 3ds xl? 4 309 Artwark Wed 29th October, 2014 by BearHunger
Help Please, Have a US 50$ Eshop Code, Can't Use! NEED CANADIAN ONE. 1 275 KonstantinosX Fri 24th October, 2014 by Tasuki
Firefox Browser sluggish. 16 764 edhe Sat 18th October, 2014 by Sanya
please help on omega ruby demo code 2 262 FrankZappa Fri 17th October, 2014 by TingLz
Omega Ruby Demo Ireland. 1 212 Ajthehero Thu 16th October, 2014 by truegamespawn
Problem Regarding the Pokemon Demo Code Email 6 423 billybo10000 Wed 15th October, 2014 by theblackdragon
My 3dsxl(not new) will not connect to my home wifi 1 186 migilikuty Wed 15th October, 2014 by Nintenzo
Will not connect to server (3DS) 13 1,609 MegaBeedrill Tue 14th October, 2014 by Morpheel
Biogenik Wii U Pro Controller problem 0 238 Gossimer Tue 14th October, 2014 by Gossimer
Wii U remote controller not working 0 233 MACATIL Mon 13th October, 2014 by MACATIL
Megaman StarForce Dragon AR Max/Full HP code: cant return max HP to normal 6 187 SebaJK7 Sun 12th October, 2014 by GuSolarFlare
should I get my XL repaired? 2 196 Artwark Sun 12th October, 2014 by Tops
Mario Kart 8 Crash? 8 1,100 SludgyHands Sat 11th October, 2014 by Inkling