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How much is my 3DS worth? 8 354 cosmicat727 Mon 6th April, 2015 by cosmicat727
new 3ds xl micro sdhc card popping out? 2 297 Artwark Sun 5th April, 2015 by Starz
how to turn off the wi-fi in the new 3ds xl. 1 1,925 Artwark Sat 4th April, 2015 by CaviarMeths
new 3DS XL faq? 3 165 Artwark Sat 4th April, 2015 by Nicolai
How do I add pictures to my forum post? 5 200 Poketendo Mon 30th March, 2015 by Jazzer94
PSN Account Login Problem. 2 273 Electricmastro Sun 29th March, 2015 by SheldonRandoms
Wii U Downloads Issue... 5 218 Neko_Rukiafan Thu 26th March, 2015 by Megumi
SD card on Wii U 2 292 Luffymcduck Thu 26th March, 2015 by Luffymcduck
unable to register club nintendo PIN (Australia) 2 250 hypalync Wed 25th March, 2015 by hypalync
Why is my avatar so stretched out? 14 418 Rexcalibr Wed 25th March, 2015 by Rexcalibr
Thanks for fixing the stretchy avatar issue! 2 176 mystman12 Tue 24th March, 2015 by mystman12
Why is my avatar stretched like this? 1 176 Poketendo Sat 21st March, 2015 by Poketendo
My 3DS Isn't Detecting My Wi-Fi Router Any Tips? 5 237 Neko_Rukiafan Sat 21st March, 2015 by RedDevilAde
Cant play online on my 3ds Help plz ! 12 438 l1nk333 Mon 16th March, 2015 by l1nk333
ATTN Mods: About My New Signature! 1 164 Neko_Rukiafan Mon 16th March, 2015 by antdickens
3DS Home Menu Freeze 4 296 Chaoz Sat 14th March, 2015 by mystman12
Can I play the old Game boy games at all? 5 259 murphykitty11 Fri 13th March, 2015 by Tasuki
Mario Bros NES value 7 259 GRhoen Wed 11th March, 2015 by GRhoen
Miiverse Issue please help me if you can. 0 204 Moonwalker Wed 11th March, 2015 by Moonwalker
Need help- download does not appear on 3DS menu. 9 338 nintendo3ds123 Tue 10th March, 2015 by TeeJay
Cartridge Exchange 4 164 Theo89 Mon 9th March, 2015 by Tasuki
Copy Content Between Wii Us 3 224 JuliaHR Sun 8th March, 2015 by ejon786
Help with school project 6 242 DanMan82 Mon 2nd March, 2015 by Inkling
New 3DSXL Transfer Help (Target System has Save Data) 3 271 AnchorC Fri 27th February, 2015 by AnchorC
Link pre-installed software to Nintendo Network ID 2 282 Ben-Of-Swindon Tue 24th February, 2015 by alLabouTandroiD