Topic: What happened to the Rune Factory Frontier thread in the Wii forum?

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Someone created a Rune Factory Frontier thread in the Wii forum yesterday and now it's gone. Anyone know what happened? I didn't want to create a "meta thread" about it in the Wii forum so I thought it better to ask here. Thanks in advance.

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theblackdragon redirects to the mainsite Rune Factory Frontier page for some reason. i remember seeing that thread, though, and google totally has it cached... that is really, really weird D:

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Mysterious database issue? Space aliens? April fools? I's those damn Runeys!!! I always knew they were up to no good.

Put your analyst on danger money, baby.


No idea - there's no redirect setup for it and I can't see why it would do this. It's a mystery to me, dudes.



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