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Nintendo have refused to repair my 8 year olds WiiU as apparently it has been modified by unauthorised means and contains modifications and parts not manufactured or tested by them. They have also cancelled the rest of the warranty. Funny that as it was bought brand new from a large reputable company and nothing has been modified other than system updates from them. Rang them and they can't even tell me what the supposed modifications are. Anyone had a similar problem/experience?



We don't talk about modding or piracy over here. Even if we did at one point, it still shouldn't be discussed here.

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Sorry. The problem I have is the console is faulty, hasn't been modified or using unofficial products yet Nintendo say it has. Don't know what to do next so was trying to find out if anyone has had a similar experience. It was bought from a major retailer brand new so don't know how they can say it has.

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Are they going to send the system back? Do you still have a warranty from the store?

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That makes no sense. Have you ever tried to open up the console? They may have just detected a warranty seal removed or something.

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The retailer have told me I have to deal direct with Nintendo. Got the console back today. Have sent complaint by e-mail asking for full details of what the alleged modification is. The console was taken out of box from brand new and placed under TV. Never been moved since. Not been opened or tampered with at any time. Will have to wait and see what they say I suppose although not expecting much as they couldn't tell me anything on the phone.



this all sounds very strange. can you at least return it to the retailer for a refund?

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Xiao_Pai wrote:

...Why does it need to be repaired in the first place?

Because something is wrong with it i assume.

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Some of the games started freezing. They went through some checks and advised it needed to be sent to them



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