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Hello my fellow members.
I have a problem with the WIFI on the DSi.
I've got a WIFI usb adapter , it works well when i use the iTouch and the DSlite(games).
But when i connect with the DSi , usualy in the DSiShop , DSi Browser , connects for a while....after 2 minutes of browsing it disconnects...and at that point i have to reconect and start all over.
I tried bomberman blitz at multiplayer and it worked disconnect.
Could you help me?
I shall be forever gratefull

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Hey Madk91, check out Nintendo Support if you haven't:

If you are connecting enough to download, it is not a connectivity or security issue. If you are seeing it in some games but not others I would think it would be a latency issue as some games transfer more and larger packets than others. In network transfer, servers will use a Keep Alive connection and wait for packets for a certain time. Once time out happens you should get an error code. As a note: Write do the code and go to Nintendo Support and search for it. Another test and possible fix is to disconnect power from your internet modem, whether it be a cable modem or DSL modem. If you use a router do distribute your internet connection to more than one computer, disconnect power from this as well. While the power is off, download the latest software and drivers for the USB connector.

Uninstall any software on your PC. Search for a procedure on how to uninstall the drivers for the USB connector and uninstall it. Then turn your PC off and disconnect power. The disconnecting of power seems odd, but it allows all the equipment to dissipate any residual charge and clear any logic and memory. Give the equipment around 10 minutes and reconnect power to the modem, then the router and allow 5 minutes to reconnect. Then plug in your PC and start up it up without the USB connector plugged in. After Windows is completely started and running with all processes running, can take up to 5 minutes, install the new software that you downloaded. It may or may not ask you to connect the adapter. If it does, don't, it should allow you to skip this part. finish the installation and make not on where it is installed. Should be something like: C:/Program Files/Nintendo WiFi Adapter/. Once the software is installed, plug in the adapter. Windows will find the device and want to install the driver. Opt to locate the driver software yourself. Direct the installer to the directory where the software is installed, outlined above. Finish the installation and then restart, not reboot, your PC. Once the PC is back up fully, ensure that you can access the internet. Then go to your DS and delete your current connection and create a new one.

Hopefully this helps, if not, you may want to look into a WiFi access point or router, they are cheap:

65 bucks at and they all come with an easy to use cd that will pretty much set it up for you. Very similar to what you see with the USB connector.

80 bucks but it has range boost as well, same thing as the first, a cd to take you though.

Now, the DSi has a faster WiFi, supposedly, haha, so the changes may be what is causing as well. I have a Linksys wifi router as listed second above and it works just fine. I have been playing games online with no issue, even Phantasy Star Zero.

Another option is call Nintendo, they are great on helping and they may know the solution and if you have to get warranty service they can tell you.

All of the contact numbers for Nintendo

Hope it helps!

EDIT: I just noticed you said Wii and DSi, if it is on both systems, you may have an issue with the USB device, definitely go with the procedure above. Call Nintendo and see if you can get an idea if it is the device or internet/PC. You may need to opt for a router.

FYI: I am a certified network and computer admin

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