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OK, so today (I dunno maybe i received these sooner, i'm not sure) I saw i had 3 notifications on my Nintendo 3DS; JJZE(en) = Luigis's Mansion 2 Preview video, JJ7(en0 = Super Mario3D Land Preview video, and an eShop Notification TEST english. So I open each 1 which brings up the following: Opt out of notifications for this title, Opt out of notifications for all titles, the (don't these mean i wouldn't receive updates?), then the bottom 2 are close or launch software. Well from there, I checked all 3: the videos when I picked launch software launched eShop and the following message appeared: "There is no information available for this software title." then the 1 for eShop simply opened up eShop, and then nothing from then on. I'm completely confused here! What do these mean? Can someone please explain this? Why in the world did I get notification reminders for these there's no new information??

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No idea.

I don't have the notifications on mine (in Australia that is).

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Yea I'm in the US, probably should've mentioned that.

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I think it was just a test by Nintendo to make sure notifications for certain things were running smoothly. Nothing to worry about.

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