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hello, this last week or two i have been trolling ebay for old SNES console. why you might ask, i want to have oldskool Mario Kart sessions with a few old pals. While trolling, i sent out a few enquiry messages, like, "is console still in good condition?", someone messaged me back, they are releasing classic mini nintendo NES, so i thought great, instead of buying old console, get a new one. As i now know, this new mini NES is a new version of the first console and not a new version of the SNES. My question is if i want to play old style Mario Kart, do i buy NOS SNES or does anyone know if there will be a new version of the old SNES? thanks



(Assuming we do ever get a new SNES)

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If your are just wanting it for Mario Kart it's really up to you but here's a few things to consider.

1). We don't know if and when a SNES Classic may come out and if one does we don't know if Mario Kart will be one of the included games. More then likely it will be but we don't know.

2). Keep in mind that the NES Classic does not play cartridges so if they do a SNES it probably won't either. So with that said you might be better off with a SNES if you want to have access to the full library of games.

3). Another option might be just by a Wii and download the game from the Wii Shop. You can find a Wii for less then $100.

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