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I have a NES that will not play games, just gives me a blue screen, does anybody know something I can do or a website that tells me how. Or even a store that may fix it? PLEASE HELP!!!!!



If you bring it to a store and ask nicely, they might blow in it for you. Then it should work. I have also had some success with hitting mine to make it work (seriously!).

...but if that doesn't work, try cleaning the cartridge slot with alcohol (note: pouring a beer into it may not have the same effect).

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a common fix is replacing the connector when the NES stops playing games. here's a guide that shows the replacement process... you can buy the parts from that same website, apparently, and they also offer repair service for your NES for about $30 (though you pay all costs to ship it to them and have it shipped back from them).

should you not want to buy things or have repair done through that website, i'd reckon a quick google search would turn up a couple more places for you to try.

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I'd say just replace the 72 pin connector with a new one.



You gotta love your NES, and blow it mighty good. I've been blowing mine for years, and it gives back the love. Seriously though.



rodoubleb wrote:

I've been blowing mine for years, and it gives back the love.


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