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Do you remember those old nes game? When the characters spoke, they made a repeated bip sound.
If have any information of from where could I acquire such a sound, or if you know how to correctly reproduce it, please help!

Thank you for your time!

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Most of the sounds you hear from a NES cartridge are made up from sound including square, triangle, pulse or noise waves. As such, the blipping noise you might hear when a character is talking can be a repeated tone (square/triangle/pulse) or a repeated noise sound (manipulated in the right way, this would give the effect of a typewriter).

I'll use Audacity (Freeware) as an example to creating a "Bip" noise:

1) Open a New Audacity document.
2) Click in the "Generate" tab at the top and click "Tone"
3) In the menu that opens up, you can change how the tone sounds. The first option is the sound type. Here you can choose the soundwave type - this is up to you of course.
4) The next option is "Frequency/Hz", which refers to the pitch of the sound. Experiment with it around the Default setting of 444.00Hz to get your preferred tone.
5) Amplitude - alters the volume of the sound. It falls between 0 and 1 so again, experiment to see what level you prefer it at.
6)The final option is the "Length (seconds)", which although self explanatory is the second most crucial part of the process. I've had a play around myself, and found a length of 0.03 seconds is good.
7) Next you need to put in an interval or silence - again, I've had a try (feel free to experiment) and found a silence of 0.1 seconds is adequate - you achieve this in much the same way as you generate a tone - click the "Generate" tab, then click "Silence" and then simply the duration of the silence. Just make sure your edit marker is at the end of your newly created tone.

You'll now have a sound ready for exporting to wav. Click "File" then "Export to WAV" to do this.

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