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So, I know this may be a dumb question, but I was wondering from anybody that might already have 1, but during the calibration process will I still have English instructions on the screen seeings how the CPP LL model would be considered an import? Reason I'm wondering is because I think we've been waiting for the XL in the US for quite a while now, and well i don't wanna end up stuck unable to use/read the thing, :Leave me a reply back. Thanks!

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I imported one from and they work great man. I use it for Kingdom Hearts, Resident Evil, and a couple others. I had one for my regular 3DS as well and it works just the same — feels better IMO.

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Oh and the calibration instructions are based off your 3DS and the game card — it will be English for you. It even says "Nintendo 3DS XL" on the back of the CPP

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